Form I-9
Internal Audit Solution

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email: Bioverify@gmail.com

•We schedule a visit to your Place of Business.
•Bio-Verify works in coordination with your Human Resource Department and Company Management.
•We enter a Memorandum of Understanding with you to be the “Employer’s Designated Agent”.
•We inspect all the i-9 Form’s of your existing employees.
•Bio-Verify checks each form for: Accuracy, Legibility, Correctness, Completeness and Compare to your payroll records.
•We then scan each i-9 Form into our system and produce a digital record. (PDF format)
•We request that your employees resubmit their Identity & Employment Authorization Documents for Inspection, Validation & Verification.
•Bio-Verify then scans each document and check for any evidence of Altered, Fake, Fraudulent, Counterfeit and Photo Replacement in any document.
•We compare the identity document to our Electronic Document Authentication Library which contains all 50 States Drivers Licenses and Identity Cards,
 200+ different National Passports, All Social Security Documents and complete Library of all Immigration Cards and Visas.
•Bio-Verify checks the document in near-infrared, ultraviolet, visible, coaxial and directional lighting.
 We read bar codes, micro text, watermarks and hidden security markings.
•We also record a quick Face Photo of the employee to make comparison against Face Photographs in the identification documents,
 thus preventing identity theft or stand-ins using friends or family members good Identity Documents.
•We also check Employment Authorization Documents for expiration. We check Social Security Numbers for duplication.
•We then store the Identity & Employment Authorization Documents for Evidence of Compliance and make them available to you in case of lost records,
 an ICE raid or Government Audit.
•After the internal audit is complete we provide a detailed report to you in either paper or digital formats (or both). All our records are secure and encrypted.
•All of these Services are internal and provided by BioVerify to you only. We do not interact with the State or Federal Government to produce this internal audit.
 We do not report any information to any third party for outside verification or validation.
• Bio-Verify is Confidential, Ethical and Impartial. We are the “Employer’s Designated Agent”.

Call: 1-214-213-9079
email: Bioverify@gmail.com