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This comprehensive solution is a two part combination and should be used for all your newly hired employees.

The first part is immediate electronic completion and signature of Form i-9 and instant compliance with the E-Verify program via our web-based software including an employment eligibility status. (more details click here)

The second part is a scheduled workplace inspection of the employees Identity and Employment Authorization Documents. (details click here)

This Solution is essential for the employer that needs protection against employees attempting to use fake, counterfeit or forged documents.
It stops employees using someone else’s good Lost or Stolen Documents. It eliminates stand-ins or employees trying to use friends or family member’s good ID Documents.

This “Comprehensive Solution” provides fast, accurate form completion and full compliance with the Department of Homeland Security &
Social Security Administration’s E-Verify Program right at the front end. Then assurance and protection against Document Fraud and Identify Theft at the back end, resulting in most complete compliance available.

Next time you have to sign the following certification, you can with confidence.
“I attest, under the penalty of perjury, that I have examined the document(s) presented by the above-named employee, that the above-listed documents
appear to be genuine and relate to the employee named, that the employee began employment on the date listed above
and that to the best of my knowledge the employee is eligible to work in the United States.”

Call: 1-214-213-9079
email: Bioverify@gmail.com