Compliance Solution
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• Bio-Verify are Federal Government approved Designated Agents for the E-Verify Program.
• We enter a four way Memorandum of Understanding to be the “Designated Agent” between the Social Security Administration,
 the Department of Homeland Security, the Employer and BioVerify Inc.
• We provide the employer with Ready to Use web-based software to electronically complete and sign Form i-9.
 This service should be used for all your newly hired employees.
• We validate every field of data for correctness and completeness. We foolproof the data entry, help eliminate common errors and simplify the
 process. We provide helpful instructions in English or Spanish to assist with better employee communication.
• We eliminate the need for lengthy instructional Tutorials and Mastery Tests saving you lots of time and money.
 This features relives you from the restriction of a single individual being qualified to use system.
• Bio-Verify uploads the data in to the E-Verify program for instant Employment Eligibility Status.
• The data is first delivered to Social Security Administration for a match against their employment eligibility records then sent on
 to Department of Homeland Security for a match against their database records.
• The instant result is either “Employment Authorized” or a “Tentative Non-Confirmation letter” is issued by the DHS or SSA with instructions to the
 employer and employee on how to proceed to resolve any issues.
• Bio-Verify is available to provide Live Person support in these cases as with any employment compliance issues.
• There are many steps along the way to resolving these outstanding issues.
 Name Changes or Additional Information, Re-submitting or Re-verification is often necessary and we are there to help every step of the way.
• After the process is done, we continue to track employment authorization expiration dates and provide you with timely reminders.
• Bio-Verify delivers a full and detailed report to you.

Call: 1-214-213-9079
email: Bioverify@gmail.com